Improving the Battery Life Of Windows Phone 8 &10

Now a days Microsoft has been so aggressive in the field of Mobile OS. With a Great partner like Nokia and other Android Makers Give Interest to Making WindowsPhone ! But as like always all phone have a Powerful Battery but the Problem is with our daily use Battery is deed with in 14-16 hours!! S o Today Post is about Gain the Extra Life of Batter in Just Some simple Tips!

Battery Life Of Windows Phone 8 &10

Improve The Battery Life Of Windows Phone 8

Here They Are:


With out of box all Windows Phone set a timeout to keep the display on for a considerable amount of time after any user activity ends ( Generally Most of Windows Phone Have 30 Second Timeout Limit). You can Change this to 1-3 mins. but it will great effective if you take this to Default Setting. ie. 30 Seconds.


>How to Do?



By Enable Battery Saver the Battery gains some extra amount of life by Disable Some Background processes like  automatic email sync etc. But you will still receive calls and texts. You can set your Battery Saver Manually.


>How To Do:

Tap SETTING > Go to BATTERY SAVER > Turn ON > Tap the ADVANCE box> Choose what you need.


Brightness is designed to make the displayed content easy to read in various lighting conditions. It automatically raises the brightness when the smartphone is used in sunlight and  lowers it in dark surroundings areas. Now in  Windows Phone there are 3 types of adjustment ike- low, medium or high.  Windows Phone uses as a reference to adjust it. This can be done from the “brightness” menu, found in operating system’s setting.But there are another option that is “Automatic adjust”.  If you turn ON this then you will get low brightness in dark so-rounding areas and Medium-High brightness in Sunlight . So, put you phone in this feature for Save more Battery life of WP8.


>How To Do: 

Tap to SETTING> Go to BRIGHTNESS> Turn ON “Automatic adjust”/ Choose other Three types as your Need.


Now a days All Mobile Manufactures use high Pixels for better Picture seen ability and more, By the Use of Black color Then it will consume increasingly less power the darker the displayed content.  Dark/ Black background save more battery life the the white background receives battery life.


>How To Do:

Tap to SETTING> Go to THEMES> Choose your Background and color as your need.


Connectivity option, like WI-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and mobile data, negatively impact battery life when they are enable. But you can disable these connectivity options when they’re not needed. Example, there is no point in keeping Bluetooth enabled, if you enable then it paired with another device, like your car’s infotainment system or smart-watch or your friend Smartphone etc.
You can be enabled and disabled from the Setting menu. There are dedicated menus for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS (In setting it know as “Location”), mobile data and NFC. You can also use some apps to pin shortcuts for connectivity option on the home-screen for easier access.


There are some apps create background processes which are automatically enabled once the app is first opened, to perform some task while the program is closed. For Example, WhatsApp background process allow it to frequently use internet connection for Deliver/receive messages and display it on the lock-screen and on its live tile.
You can Disable some Games/ Apps when you don’t need it.


>How To Do:

Tap to SETTING > Swipe to Right side >Now you reach  Applications>Background Tasks > press the Block.

NOTE: You can re enable it by click the option “Turn background task back on for this app the next time I open it”.


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